What do people know about hair transplantation?

Hair is the biggest problem of average white male and that’s why hair transplantation has become so popular. Most men feel uncomfortable to admit they have a hair problem. Normal reaction when people have some trouble is to find a solution as fast as possible. Men and women who have baldness, before booking an appointment for a hair transplantation in Singapore, they tried at least three other cures or treatments. As you may know, nothing will help permanently except Follicular Unit Extraction. But let’s find out what people know about hair transplantation, like this in Follicle.com.sg. There is a chance some of you while reading this material, to realize they have completely wrong idea what this procedure involves.

What hair transplantation is not?

Until you don’t dig into hair procedures, you won’t know how misunderstandings there are among people. For example, most people think that dermatologist will shave some of your hair and will stick it to your balding spots. Completely wrong! Sticking is not a method of hair transplantation but in hair salons. This is valid for shaving, too. Some people think that dermatologists will not use your hair but someone’s else. Again, this is wrong. Another misconception is that they will use your hair, but they will take it somewhere from your body. I have no idea how all these misconceptions have become so popular but the most important thing is that none of them is true.

What hair transplantation really is?

The dermatologist will pluck off thousands of hairs from your head and will attach them to your bald spots. This attachment will not be gluing but inserting, so they will be stay stable on your head. If you are nervous about plucking off, you should know that the will heal fast and you won’t miss hairs there. The results can be amazing only If your doctor is a pro and has experience in inserting follicles. This is extremely important because after the procedure 1/3 of already inserted hairs fall. If the dermatologist was not the best one, more hairs will fall after the procedure and it won’t be optimal. Aiming for the best is what everyone should do!

What is the effect?

After a year when the new hair grows up, you will feel rush for your self-esteem. It is said that people start to value things when they lose them. The same thing is valid for your hairs. If you have missed your hair desperately, when it is back on your head you will be the happiest man on the Earth. Eventually, this will affect your mood and self-esteem. In addition, people who have hair transplantation acquire a superpower. They are able to determine who has already undergone the procedure with a single look.

What are the downsides?

There are two things, which people find out as disadvantages. The first one is the length of the procedure. If the treatment is done right, it will take out few hours. The dermatologist will need enough time to extract your hair with follicles and to insert them again without damages. This is not an automated procedure so personal touch is important. As you may know, personal touch cost time. The second disadvantage is that growing new hair will cost you another year struggle. Of course, you can’t rush natural hair to grow faster so you should wait patiently. People who have a problem with patience, find this stage of the procedure as defining. However, both disadvantages are bearable if you want your perfect hair back.