Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Most people are not able to run away from back pain. It is a common discomfort accompanying many people in their daily duties. A study shows that four of five people struggle with back sore at least once in their life. If you are curious which is the reason, which makes most people visit their doctors – it is back pain. Back pain might be different according to what has caused it. Some people experience sharp pain, other dull pain – it really depends. If you have extra kilos then the back pain will almost certainly come to your door. However, sometimes, back pain is caused by accidents and traumas and in cases like that you’ll have to seek professional¬†treatment but more often, it is a result of ordinary activities that are not performed correctly. Let’s find out together what are the best tips to prevent back pain.

What we should do to prevent back pain?

Exercising will help a lot

The human body is not created to stay steady. We need to move regularly and our muscles need to function. Back muscles have to be strong because they carry the body almost all the time. If their good shape is neglected, then simple movements can cause traumas. Of course, important things are not only muscles, joints, ligaments matter, too. Losing weight is essential if you want to have a strong back. If you have 1-kilogram fat tissue on your stomach, then your back needs extra strength to carry it. Lower back exercises and abs exercises are good for your health and will save you from back pain.

back pain lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects is not forbidden but people should know how to do that without hurting their backs. The human body can lift kilos easily if knees are bending not the back. Twisting is also not accepted.

Mind your diet

Exercising will not work if you don’t follow a healthy diet. If you eat enough vegetables and fruits, you will have fewer problems and higher immune system. In addition, a proper diet will reduce stress.

Change your sleep position

Some people sleep on their backs. This is not the best sleep position because the back needs to bend a little while resting. Otherwise, it can’t rest properly during the night sleep. Supportive pillows and mattresses are a good choice for people who sleep on their backs or stomach. They should put a pillow under their lower back to support it. The optimal sleeping position is on your side.

Stay tall and don’t hump

Most people work in offices and forget they have to move around regularly. Staying in one steady position for 2 or 3 hours will slowly damage your back. Healthy back means enough stretching and enough exercising. Maintaining proper posture is essential.

high heel shoes

Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels puts a great amount of stress on your lower back and wearing them regularly over longs stretches of time will definitely lead to back problems. If you need to wear a pair, grab a second pair with a flat sole and change if you feel a tension. High heels are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are not natural for your feet and body.

Tight clothes

Another thing that can cause pain in the back is wearing super tight clothes. Imagine that a pair of trousers is so tight that you can’t sit properly. This will be extremely uncomfortable and bad posture is often the culprit responsible for many back and neck issues.

Don’t wear things in your back pocket

People who get used to carrying their wallet in their back pocket know how uncomfortable it might become. If the wallet is a big one and heavy, you sit not properly and your lower back bends at a strange angle. Staying like this while driving for hours will cause back pain as soon as you jump from the car.

Stress is bad

Stress affects posture and muscles. People under stress walk differently – head and shoulders have a lower position. Constant tension will cause eventually back pain so preventing it starts from preventing stress. There are plenty of activities that can reduce stress, but the best one is just smiling.

Smoking is also bad for your back

You probably know that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. Smoking and nicotine decrease the size of blood vessels. They are responsible for oxygen supply to organs so oxygen can’t reach the back and in this way, back pain occurs.

Preventing back pain is not easy and you have to consider numerous things like walking, sleeping, posture and even bag you are carrying. However, paying attention to excessive weight and back support will save people from all types of back pain.