Questions About Nose Jobs in Singapore

Nowadays it is not unusual to see a woman or a man who has had a nose job in Singapore. Medical services there are of extremely high quality and people trust plastic surgeons with their noses (literally). However, I strongly believe that if you feel disturbed or ashamed of something the best choice you have is to change it. That`s why having a nose job in Singapore if you don’t like your nose is better than to live with it and never stop complaining. For all of you who have the intention of correcting their noses keep reading to find out the most popular question for a nose job. Alternatively, you can find more information here courtesy of Dream Plastic Surgery..

Is it possible to get NHS pat for your nose job?

If you are undergoing the procedure because you want it instead of need it then no. Cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments are not included in any health service. If the patient has troubles breathing due to some trauma or genetic problem then NHS might pay for it but there is a big “IF”. Just to be sure contact with your NHS service provider and ask about nose job. They will explain to you in details what is covered and what is not.

How expensive the nose job is?

People usually decide that they don`t like their noses and then find out what the price is. If the price is too high, they leave the idea in the back of their cupboard and feel disappointed. Medical tourism in Singapore has created a favourable environment for higher prices. Actually, the surgery is not so expensive compared to the surgeon`s taxes. The sum might reach $10,000, above $5,000 for sure. So our advice is to prepare around $8,000.

How long patients recover after a nose job in Singapore?

Money and time have always been the biggest concerns. Serious bruising will vanish for 2 weeks but some additional minor swelling might stay on the nose for a month. However, after 2 weeks the patient is able to socialize and go back to work. Nose job in Singapore, DreamPlasticSurgery reminds us, is performed under general anaesthesia so recovering from it might be a hard thing first 24 hours. Swelling might reach lower eyelids so vision could blur a little. Patients usually panic when they wake up after the anaesthesia and see how bad they look with all the swelling, bruising and bandages but this is temporary.

recovery after nose job in singapore

Is the nose job painful?

During the surgery, the patient doesn’t feel pain. During the recovery, the skin is tightened due to swelling so it hurts while breathing. The tip of the nose might lose sensibility for a week or two but this is temporary, also. There are surgeries which include nasal bone-breaking and if your was one of them then you might recover longer. You shouldn`t take care of your nose and avoid hits a few months. Don`t hit it in the door!

Is it possible nose job to alter my smile?

Not, directly. Have in mind that nose might change the way you look drastically. Your face might look completely different and you won`t be able to get it back. There are many celebrities who had a nose job and then lose part of their fans because they can`t recognize them anymore. Smile and lines around the mouth might straighten a little if the side parts of the nose are affected by the surgery.

Is it possible to lose your voice after a nose job in Singapore?

No, this is not possible. There is a slight chance when narrowing nasal cavity, the voice to change a little, though. Singers and celebrities should be aware of that risk.