Photo booth services for events

I have a task to organize the bachelorette party for my best friend in Singapore. She is one of this girl that always smiling and have something good to say. If you don’t have a friend like this in your life, you are losing a lot. However, I struggle whole week until I find some good games for the party but still something was missing. Of course, I have considered that cocktails can break the ice fast but something missed yet. Then I saw an advert for photo booth services and try to find out more information online. It looks like there was a whole world that I have never seen before – this of photo booth services.

In Singapore, there are many young people. This country is thriving and young people need different entertainments. As sad it could be, girls and boys need more things than alcohol and loud music. Photo booths are rentable so you could have one at every special event you are planning.

Bachelorette party and weddings

Having a photo booth at your bachelorette party for at least one hour seems like a good idea. Of course, if you want to keep a secret how good the party was, then making photos is not appropriate. In contrary, if you know that posting photos on social media will be the main thing during the whole party, then your mission should be to make suitable conditions for the funniest photos. Photo booths are renting with props and backdrops so you can choose some good stuff to use. For example, depending on the age of your friends who are going to attend the bachelorette party, you can choose different outfits and props, for example, soldiers or animals.

Graduation Photobooth

This purpose of photo booths is intellectual. If you are planning to graduate this year, instead of hiring a traditional Singapore photographer, hire a good photo booth company like If you choose open photo booth then you may have photos with all of your friends. In this case, you may not need props because you will be dressed for this special occasion. In addition, you can make an album for everyone with photos from the graduation.

Birthday party photo booth

If you think that photo booths are for children only, think again. There is nothing more fun than birthday parties when they are organized properly. The other case scenario is that one birthday party may become a real disaster and guests to fight with each other all the time. If you think that your party will need an icebreaker then photo booth service, is the right idea. Including the cake and candles in the photos is allowed, too.

Corporate event photo booth

Corporate events in Singapore are tricky parties. People have to be entertained but not too much. Sometimes colleagues don’t know each other so well and there is not many interesting conversations or fun moments. Of course, it depends on how big the company is and how long they have been working together but most often it looks like people step on glass. That’s why hiring a photo booth service could be a good idea to make people feel more comfortable in the informal environment.

Organizing bachelorette party was not so bad at the end. Of course, I have spent some time searching for games and entertainment but in the end, it was more than user experience. Hiring a photo booth was a great idea and all the girls share their photos online. This is a 100% prove that my task was successful.