How Much Does Invisalign in Singapore Cost?

How Much Does Invisalign in Singapore Cost?
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In fact, the price of Invisalign braces depends on the number of alignments. It sounds confusing but it is not as complicated as you think. Most patients want to know how good is one treatment if they have to pay so much money for it. There are two options for Invisalign Singapore cost – around $5,000 and around $8,000. Actually, the real price is the higher one but some dental clinics presented the cost without aftercare and pre-care treatments. As you may guess, patients have to pay them as well as the cost of the aligners. Aftercare includes Bite adjustments and bite guards, while pre-care includes Dental X-Rays and retainers. You will see the real Invisalign Singapore cost in DentalDesign without hiding any part of it for later.

If you are trying to advertise a business or a service, you will prefer to win your clients at a lower price. In fact, Invisalign can’t have lower prices because the treatment is not cheap but if it advertises on parts then the price looks like the lower one. However, in the end, the whole price is around $8,000.

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Invisalign cost in Singapore may still vary

Invisalign cost in Singapore may still vary depending on some additional conditions. Let’s make it clear in Invisalign treatment the aligners have to change every few weeks which means how long the treatment is so high the cost will be. The length of Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of the dental problem. Some people need only a few aligners and the Invisalign cost in Singapore reaches $3,000 but this is a dentist’s job to define how many aligners patient should change.

We have mentioned already that pre- and aftercare treatments are important and will increase the price drastically so if you don’t see them in the price list better ask. Dentist fee is another thing, which might be skipped from the official price list. Have in mind that dental services in Singapore are not cheap. If his/her clinic is located in central parts then the prices might be higher than expected. There is one additional fee that the patient should not forget – lab fee. Here, like other services the rule for more cost less is valid – clinics, which have more Invisalign treatments, like DentalDesign, pay lower prices for lab fees. The best thing patients can do is to find a clinic, which is specialized in Invisalign treatment so they could expect that the lab fees will be as low as possible.

What does Invisalign Singapore cost include?

Most clinics in Singapore include a free consultation for Invisalign. During the consultation, the dentist will check if the patient needs Invisalign. How useful the treatment will be. Then the dentist will prepare a plan and will make a 3D photo of the patient’s teeth. Usually, dental clinics include in the price teeth whitening procedure and retainers. As we have mentioned already the difference in the price comes from a different number of aligners. Sometimes patients need only 7 aligners and then the price is $2,900 while some patients need 15 or more aligners and then the patient has to pay the whole amount.

Why Invisalign treatment is so expensive?

Actually, most patients manage to correct their teeth positioning for less than a year and they don’t need to spend more money. While traditional braces cost more in a long period of time. However, Invisalign treatment also includes software recommendations on what to be the next movement of the teeth and how tight aligners should be.

Although the software is deciding this, your dentist has to agree to the changes. He has to check every aspect of the new aligner before agreeing. That’s why not enough experienced dentist can’t do it easily.