Four of the most successful Men’s Suit Brands in the World

Four of the most successful Men’s Suit Brands in the World
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There is a huge gap between bespoke suits, like this in Zegna Singapore and a made-to-measure suits. Even people who are not experts might see the difference although they won`t know the exact reason why one of them looks better than the other does. Bespoke suits don`t just look expensive – they enfold the human body. Expert tailors will sew every part of the suit without a machine is involved at all. This way every part will be flawless and the client will wear a product of high-end quality. Suit Brands which are able to do that are not many. This is not a mass business and requires experience, patience and a good taste, that`s why only best of the best have survived.

One of the most successful brands is Ermenegildo Zegna

It is an Italian luxury fashion house which has been created more than 100 years ago. For some of you, it will be a surprise, but Ermenegildo Zegna suits are often used by Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Gucci. The Italian brand has shops all over the world offering quality suits. They have made-to-measure men suits and bespoke suits so it is up to the client what he will choose. Although Ermenegildo Zegna is a family company, they are able not only to compete with the world`s most popular men suit tailors but even lead that market successfully. In Singapore, Zegna is presented exclusively in Singapore by Graziaa Bespoke suits. If you check Graziaa Zegna Anteprima Fall-Winter Collection 18/19 you will notice the quality of the fabrics – it is obvious even on the website.

The Brioni Vanquish II

This tailor company is kind of celebrity. They dressed James Bond, actually all James Bonds in all movies. Their excellent suits couldn`t stay unnoticed by the fans of the movie. Brioni has used their experience in combination with the finest clothes and their amazing models have appeared. They were so precise that they make stitches with golden threads. They also have used pashmina, qiviuk and vicuna.

Brooks Brothers are older than you can imagine

If you thought that Ermenegildo Zegna Singapore is an old company, wait to hear that Brooks Brothers are on this market from 200 years. You can only imagine how many quality techniques they have learned and apply to their suits. While The Brioni has focused on the cinema, Brooks Brothers preferred politics. They have dressed 39 presidents. The last one, they have the honour to dress was Barack Obama. Have you heard of Ralph Lauren? Of course, you are, it is not a well-known fact but he has started his career as a salesperson. The company he worked for was Brooks Brothers.

Exclusively at Graziaa Zegna Anteprima Fall-Winter Collection 18/19

Desmond Merrion

There is one street in London, where all the most popular and experienced tailors have shops – Savile Row. Desmond Merrion is one of these tailors. He is popular with his precision. He always has claimed that he will sew one suit as much time as he wants no matter how slowly it will be. The result is more than obvious – his suits are perfectly crafted with flawless details all hand-made. The price of his suits is around $50,000

The most amazing fact is that England is a country, which has a tradition in tailoring bespoke suits. Many foreign tailors have received their education in England and later went back to their countries. They apply all their knowledge in their suits. Graziaa bespoke suits in Singapore is exactly this type of tailoring shop – they follow the Savile Row techniques.

You are all set. Being an expert in tailoring is not easy at all. It requires at least 100 years experience – we are joking but the truth is that being the best requires time indeed.

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