Eye bag surgery – my story

How many people do you know who had an eye bag surgery last 5 years?

If your answer is none, I will tell you my story. Being a girl and a student at the same time is not easy at all. Most girls fight for popularity daily and if something goes wrong they change school next month. If you need a fast and easy way to become popular at school, there is one trick known from decades. Do you want to be famous at school? Undergo a plastic surgery and you will be the top girl! No matter what kind of plastic surgery you will have, it will rock your world. If you have some non-invasive surgery, don’t mention that it was without anesthesia and the effect will be the same among your classmates. This rule is completely applicable for a university, too.

A story for one raccoon and two bags Prada

It was my first year in the university. As you may know, sometimes university comes with a lot of stress and sleepless night. No matter if, you are reading textbooks the whole night or having a few cocktails with your new best friends, the nights are sleepless. I had one of the most awful weeks ever. I haven’t slept 3 days in a row and my eyes were ready to pack their bags and leave me. Although I was really tired I decided to go to a lecture. However, when I entered the room, one of the girls noted “The raccoon came!” and she laughed. I have always had dark circles under my eyes but I have never thought they were such a big reason to have a nickname because of them. I was shocked and ashamed. Until the end of the lecture, I didn’t speak and go back home directly.

Next thing I know was booking an appointment for an eye bag surgery. I found people online who considered their eye bags “bags Prada” but this completely was not my story. Today, 3 years later, I am proud that I did it. Girl’s reaction to my appearance is the one thing that helped me realize that I had an eye bags problem. I made a research online and compared several clinics. It came out that having an eye bag surgery in Singapore is not so extraordinary and many people undergo the procedure. I found out that usually, people on 35 years or older have it because their skin is aging and eye bags become more obvious. Another reason for an eye bag surgery can be patient with a skin regularly exposed to the sun. Sun burning is a good thing when it is not too much. Otherwise, the skin becomes drier and loosens.

I booked an appointment with Dr. Samuel Ho who is one of the most experienced surgeons in eye bag removal surgery in Singapore. He was kind and explained to me every single detail concerning the surgery. The incision is in an inner part of the eye bag so no one will know that you have a surgery at all. A laser is used to make the incision and to remove as much fat as it is necessary. The surgeon should be careful with the amount of removed fat because too much might be bad and not enough might be unprofessional. Dr. Samuel Ho showed me photos of his old patients and their results. I felt like I need to look the same way and immediately after that I’ve booked a date for the surgery.

In conclusion

Choosing to have an eye bag surgery in Singapore was one of my best decisions ever. I was proud of my new appearance and my eyelids, and soon people stopped to call me raccoon. I love these animals, though.