Credit cards tricks or how to shop less

Credit cards combined with shopping addiction is a real problem. People think that only celebrities have such an issue but this is completely wrong. Imagine average lady who works hard and doesn’t have time for personal life. In fact, imagine that this is a man, not a woman because men experience the same shortage of positive moments in their lives equal to women. Going back home from work, this person sees a sale with a big sign. He has worked hard last 2 days and nothing has come into his or her life as a gift. So he decides to make himself a gift because he deserves it. This is the moment where a credit card is the most convenient feature in our wallets. There is nothing more easily than pulling it out of the wallet and paying with it.

Some credit cards have amazing discounts!

Different banks offer different credit cards features. If you are paying attention to bank offers, you may catch some really good one. You can find one of the best credit cards offers on with discounts for restaurants, hotels, stores, free tickets for events and even cash back. This is OK because as you spend money, you may save some. Don’t think though If you are a shopaholic, these cards will help. There is no such thing in this world as a credit card which will help you if you spend too much.

How can I spend less with a credit card?

Choose wisely your credit card. For example, if you are a foodie, choose one that has discounts in your favourite restaurants. If you love shopping clothes, choose the one with points from them. Don’t forget to check the interest rate and annual taxes. If you have chosen the one with the biggest rebates don’t be surprised if its taxes are higher. There is no credit card, that will give you everything that you want. It is like people in your life or shops in the neighbourhood – there is always one better but further!



How often do people buy things from a sale?

According to e research in Singapore, 60% of people buy goods that are on sale regularly. The same research shows that 8% of people have never bought an item from a sale. Let’s focus on buyers suggesting that you are one of them and you have a credit card. Singapore is developing country so stores and shops thrive. Almost every shop makes big sales regularly so if you need to spend a little money to feel better, you have a million opportunities.

How to stop your urge for spending?

Make a budget spreadsheet so you will control how much you will spend daily or weekly. If you are close to your limit just pass the sales and don’t enter. Some things are better behind your back. Another great trick when you shop online with your credit card to put the item in your basket but leave it there without ordering. Wait several days and if you still want it, then click on the big red button. Some people think that supermarkets have too many marketing tricks to force them to buy stuff. The truth is that online these tricks are more. If you are browsing for hours and your credit card is next to you, the chance to buy more stuff than, you have planned, is enormous.

Owning a credit card should be a freedom, not a burden. Be careful with your control and marketing tricks and you will be able to live debt free.