Breast implant removal and lift

There are different parts of human life. Sometimes we deeply desire one thing and after a while, we change our opinion. Having breast implants or another aesthetic improvement may lead to the same results. There are women who don’t want their silicone or saline implants anymore and their great focus now is how to get rid of them. Breast implant removal is an individual choice – just like breast implant augmentation. Considering undergoing this procedure shouldn’t be someone else decision.

What could be a possible reason for breast implant removal and lifting?

Reasons might vary from medical conditions to personal preferences. Some health conditions require removing breast implants for good. Changing opinion about breast implants and their benefits is the second most popular reason. Part of the women don’t want to give a bad example to their newly born children, and they decide to go as natural as possible. Some of them choose to do that because of themselves not because of their children. People are different and their preferences are different, also. Experienced plastic surgeons may have heard more interesting reasons so you could ask your doctor to tell you more about different reasons.

What if I remove my breast implants?

People define as attractive completely different things. The truth is – without implants breasts sag. The next truth is that they sag with implants also. Sagging might affect both breasts or might affect just one of them. However, removing implants almost always reveal the real stage of sagging of natural breasts. That’s why breast implant removal and lifting are often provided together. Let’s make it clear, removing silicone or saline breast implants doesn’t mean that the patient wants to look ugly with sagging breasts. It means she wants to look more natural so little correction does not hurt.

What should I do?

First, you should find a good surgeon who has enough experience with breast implants removal surgery. Have in mind that following procedures after breast augmentation have bigger risks so you need a really experienced specialist. The second step is to book an appointment and explain why you need to get rid of your implants. Make sure you have shared with him all your concerns, medical history and expectations – all three are important. He might make you stop some medications 2 weeks before the procedure. Of course, you will have to stop smoking, too.

What happens during the breast implants removal surgery?

The anesthesiologist will inject anaesthesia and the patient will fall asleep. Then the surgeon will cut the breasts and remove silicone implants. He will fascia around them and lift the breasts if needed. Next step is stitching. The whole surgery takes less than 3 hours but the patient is hospitalized for a day.

What happens after breast removal surgery?

Let’s not forget that this is a regular surgery and there is recovery time as usual. Most patients are in hurry to enjoy their natural breasts but in fact, they should rest for two weeks. Cutting and stitching need time to heal so the patient should plan resting time. Women after breast removal surgery have to wear a sports bra if they need one. Wireless bra is recommendable because they don’t interfere with stitches. Avoiding infections is important so the wound shouldn’t be in contact with water. In addition, lifting heavy objects is forbidden until the stitches heal. Actually, lifting your arms is not a good idea too first few days.

recovery time in bed

My breast implants are sagging but I don’t want to remove them

Another option, for sagging breast implants, is breast implant surgery removal with replacement. In this case, the surgeon removes old breast implants and changes them with new ones. This is the same procedure if one of the old implants is ruptured. Lifting breasts is also a part of this procedure so sagging will vanish.

In conclusion

Having breast implants comes with certain choices and troubles. For example, exercising becomes difficult and clothes and shirts should be bigger sizes. Women are usually not prepared for such an outcome. Some of them adapt easily, while some – can’t. That’s why breast implants removal surgery is always an option. It will bring natural characteristics of the body together with a sense of ease.