Why do you want to have double eyelid surgery?

Have you heard of double eyelid surgery?

What is the main difference between Asian people and western look? If your answer is eyes, you are right. Almost half of Asian people don’t have double eyelids. Their upper eyelid crease is missing. Although one crease can’t define the whole appearance, women need to have it for higher self-esteem. Of course, this is not valid for all women, but data shows that last two years this surgery is the third most popular surgery. For example, in China, Korea, and Singapore every year millions of people book an appointment for double eyelid surgery.

According to a research, this market will expand next 3 years and it will reach $900 billion. This is a huge amount and people should pay attention to reasons of the expansion.

What does the procedure include?

Double eyelid surgery is an easy surgery, reveals Sgproeyelid.com. The surgeon will make two incisions and this will allow the eyelids to fold easily. The exact structure of the eyelid defines how big could creases be. It is not a lunchtime procedure but an experienced surgeon could do it for an hour or two. Of course, patients feel a slight pain after the surgery and will experience swelling and bruising but all this is temporary. Actually, most people who have undergone the surgery, claiming that it was as easy as getting a haircut. Mikamo made first attempts for modern double eyelid surgery at the beginning of XX century. He noted that this surgery gives eyes more attractive look. He explained in deep how sutures should be made to form the best creases. Surgeons still use his technique. Of course, today there are more things that are considered before the surgery, like medical history, etc.

Why do Asian people admire it so much?

It is a well-known fact that everything which is different is better appreciated. Women tend to love things that they don’t have. Actually, men do the same usually with their cars. For now, women who have changed their eyelids are twice more than men are, but the tendency could alter with time. However, double eyelid surgery makes eyes look bigger and wider. There is no woman in this world, who doesn’t want her eyes to look spectacular. That’s why cosmetic industry accentuates so much on eye make-up. Beauty standards are changing slightly through ages but some characteristics are always well- appreciated, like wide open eyes. In addition, raising income of women provoke raising numbers of plastic surgeries. When it comes to social acceptance, there is developing in this area, too. Several years ago, improvements were not something to brag about while today they are more reason to be proud than ashamed.

The world is changing and people travel a lot so beauty concepts change, too. There are many parents that would like their children to live somewhere in USA or Europe and to have an equal chance for a career. They insisted their children have double eyelid surgery in order to look as western as possible.

Celebrities are another reason young people to want to have double eyelid surgery. Imagine that you have a favorite singer or actor. He has amazing eyes and his eyelids are with perfect creases. Next thing you know is that you want to look like him as much as possible. Celebrities are not only role model but beauty standards, too. That’s why it is so important who is your favorite celebrity.